Well, isn’t this just a perfect encapsulation of Nice Guy thinking.

One by one, left to right, top to bottom:

1) Yeah, the gall of that bitch wanting to be your close friend instead of offering you unlimited access to her vagina! No… wait. Go fuck yourself. (HAHA THAT’S RIGHT YOU ALREADY ARE!)

2) Because women aren’t allowed to recognize good qualities you may have while simultaneously not being interested in you themselves! Though, to be fair, I’m not sure what good qualities you could possibly have.

3) It’s cute that you think that women don’t get to decide how they feel about you. By cute, I mean: you are a terrible person.

4) And you are also not who she wants. Get over it.

5) Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yoooooooooooooooooou. If her ex actually is abusive, how about instead of trying to get with her you report it to the authorities or otherwise attempt to genuinely help her instead of victim-blaming her because she refuses to fuck you. If her ex isn’t abusive and that’s just some shit you’re saying to make yourself feel better about how much of an asshole you are: again, I say, fuck you.

6) WOMEN RUIN LIVES BY HAVING AGENCY IN THEIR OWN ROMANTIC DECISIONS!!! Or maybe you’re just a whiny, entitled shitslice!

7) Man, I don’t even know where to… she FORCES you to love her? I think, considering the tenor of the rest of these HIGH-LARIOUS memes, you are a bit confused about who’s trying to force whom to do what.

8) Group outings are just a method of torture invented by evil wimmin who want to torment poor Nice Guys. Or maybe, you know, she considers you a friend and thought y’all might have fun with a bunch of other friends. More the fool her.

9) How. Dare. She. have her own feelings that are not what you want them to be. Do you seriously not get why she might not want you considering your total and complete not even lack of concern but ACTIVE DISMISSAL of her desires, needs, and emotions?

10) A guy LIKE you, not you. Probably because you’re an asshole.

summed up my feelings about this very well

so thank you xD

I apologize for reblogging this again but LOOK AT THAT COMMENTARY IT’S LOVELY I HAD TO

Looks like white women now have their own Irrational Woman meme. Aren’t we all lucky that men hate us so much?

Tee-hee! Bitches should stop trying to have agency over their own body and just sleep with the first Nice Guy (TM) who deigns to pay attention to them! Because if you’re nice to a girl, she owes you sex and a relationship.


Commentary is top-notch.

Reblogging for excellent commentary.
Yes, I have internal genitalia. No, I don’t *need* to fuck you just because you want to fuck me.

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